Friday, December 13, 2013


sorry guys... i didn't join the celebration of Christmas so i didn't get a full detail of it. I will update about Chinese  New Year next year.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


sorry i don't update my blog because i have a busy schedule here. so far i'm good here and i love it here but i won't forget my old school and my lovely teachers. i'm busy studying for my exam and luckily tomorrow is the last exam. maybe i will update my blog next week about Christmas celebration on tomorrow. so, stay tune to get the details of it.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My School

Hi everyone!!! sorry for the long updates. finally, i pass the national exam... yaaayyyy!!! i'm so relive but not for long cause i have started school in Medan as a high school student in Cinta Budaya/Chong Wen. I had put picture of my school above. its quite tough cause i'm not used to the situation and of course the lessons. example : here we have theory on physical education and music. This school is inside Complex MMTC.

My school have 5 floor. 1st floor is for kindergarten, 2nd floor is for primary, 3rd floor is for junior high school, 4th floor is for high school and the last 5th floor is for the hall. As you all know that i'm on the 4th floor, its very tiring everyday i need to use the stairs. the school have a lift but its only for the teachers its unfair, isn't it?   

The school also have TOEFL every 2 months. i'm excited to join again and i hope that i will get higher score than the last one. i'm very enjoy study here.. the teachers are very kind and sometimes funny especially the english teacher. His name is Mr. Pebry.. he is very funny every time he teaches us and he is fun to talk with.

most of the student here is chinese or Buddhism. the students here are very kind fun to talk with if you didn't disrespect them. there are also extra - curriculum 
such as : photography, singing, musical instrument, etc.

maybe only this few information just for now, i will update soon... bye..  

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Math Carnaval

In math lesson, we plan to made a math carnaval its according to our subject which is probability. We were divided into 8 groups with different games. there are games that are played using balloons, color balls, aquarium that are filled with water and there are several cups into the aquarium, games with boxes and musics, etc. In this Math Carnaval, grade 9 students invited Grade 7 and 8 to participate in our games but teachers also are invited.

My group are with Aminy and Ruth. We planned to make a game that is played with balloons and dart and we named it Color Shots. In this game the player gets 2 chances to shot any of the 3 balloons. Inside the balloons there is a black carton paper which have a color paper in it so, the prizes are according to the color papers that the players get.

Before the Math Carnaval is started we arrange our tables in each stations. In my group the the tables are needed for putting the prizes, darts and money we earned. We also use styrofoam to stick the balloons on it so its easier for the players to shoot and it is also easier for us to change the balloons afterwards.

When it is the time for the Math Carnaval all students came out from their class and they started to tried each of the games. Many of the Students played on Tracey's group because their game prizes are ice - cream and their game is quiet intersting. Because of that Aminy and i started to shout for the others to come. Aminy shouted are like "hey, come here we have an interesting game and it is also cheap" and i was shouting like "yeah, everyone come here the prizes are delicious and cool".

Afterwards we are tired to shout so we kept quiet and we was like "ahhh... we won't get any money if like this"  or "i think our game isn't that interesting..."  suddenly there were some students came and teachers also came to play. we was like "at last there are players" or " thank God..."   at first Billy tried to shot the balloons but he failed and he felt dissapointed and ashamed so, he tried and tried until he won and he got his prizes then he walk away. but after several students and teachers played, he came again and he said that he wanted to play again so, we gave him the darts. he played and played and played non stop.

From this game we earned Rp 50.000.
My reflection is that this Math Carnaval is very fun because i can also learned probability from this games and from others games. like for example how many chances that he/she will get the Red paper color, how many chances that he/she will get the right chair to sit on, how many chances that he /she will succeed on putting the coins into the cups in the aquarium with waters in it, etc. We also had fun with the students and teachers who played in our game.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


ini adalah tugas civics, tugas ini tentang globalisasi... kita di bagi menjadi 3 grup. 2 grup mengerjakannya dalam bentuk mading dan yang lainnya dalam bentuk video.. grup saya adalah Gery, Kevin, Anand, Fellingga, Shevalda, dan saya tentunya... kami memilih dalam bentuk mading karna menurut kami mading lebih mudah siap dan lebih cepat. 

Nah, sekarang saya akan menjelaskan tentang globalisasi. Pertama - tama saya akan menjelaskan tentang arti dari globalisai. globalisasi adalah  keterkaitan dan ketergantungan antar bangsa dan antar manusia di seluruh dunia melalui perdagangan, investasi, perjalanan, budaya populer, dan bentuk-bentuk interaksi yang lain sehingga batas-batas suatu negara menjadi semakin sempit.

Globalisasi juga memiliki ciri - ciri antara lain adalah perubahan dalam waktu dan ruang, meningkatnya masalah bersama, Peningkatan interaksi kultural melalui perkembangan media massa (terutama televisi, film, musik, dan transmisi berita dan olah raga internasional). 

Nah, sekarang marilah kita beralih ke dampak - dampaknya. globalisa mempunyai dampak negatif dan dampak positif. dampak positifnya antara lain adalah produksi global dapat ditingkatkan, meningkatkan kemakmuran masyarakat dalam suatu negara, meluaskan pasar untuk produksi dalam negeri, dapat memperoleh lebih banyak  modal dan teknologi yang lebih baik, menyediakan dana tambahan untuk pembangunan ekonomi.

dampak negatif antara lain menghambat pertumbuhan sektor industri, memperburuk neraca pembayaran, sektor keuangan semakin tidak stabil dan memperburuk prospek ekonomi jangka panjang.

Monday, March 25, 2013

TOEFL prediction

Well, this is my TOEFL prediction test.... I got 510, i think its not really bad. before the test day i hoped that i would got 600 something but the truth is not. my parent aslo hoped that i would got 600 but i failed to made my parent happy.. my mother wasn't very proud of that but she aslo happy that i didn't got the lowest score... 

My reflection for my score in TOEFL is that i think this score is good enough.. this also an experience for me so that, i know how the real TOEFL test.  

well, if there is a chance for me, i will join the real test..

Monday, March 18, 2013


Kisah Para Rasul 9 : 1 - 19

Pada saat itu Saulus ingin meminta surat kuasa untuk membunuh orang - orang percaya kepada TuhanYesus. Di perjalanan ke Damsyik saat sudah dekat kota itu, tiba - tiba cahaya yang sangat menyilaukan dari langit mengelilingi dia. terdengarlah suara Tuhan menanyainya. setelah itu ketika Saulus membuka matanya dia tidak bisa melihat sehingga anak buahnya harus menuntunnya ke kota itu. Di sana dia tidak dapat melihat selama 3 hari lamanya dan dia tidak makan dan minum. Di Damsyik ada seorang murid Tuhan bernama Ananias. Tuhan berfirman kepadanya untuk pergi ke rumah Saulus untuk menyadarkannya. Maka pergilah Ananias dan menyadarkannya. Seketika itu Saulus dapat melihat.

Kesimpulan :
kita sebagai murid Yesus harus bertobat dan jangan menganiaya anak - anak Tuhan